Byron Atkinson (www.stills-n-motion.com) shoots editorial, fashion, portraiture and stock images. He has been incorporating video in his work since the first HDSLRs arrived in 2008.  Based in New York, Byron maintains this photography-related blog www.hdhd411.com  as well as the HDSLR-related blog www.hdslrs-n-motion.com.  Byron also is the the author of Beyond Stills: HDSLR Motion Capture for the Non-Filmmaker.  Byron consults and teaches photography in both group and one-on-one settings.

Byron brings an exciting sensibility and perspective to the art of still and motion capture.  Having embraced the multi-media experience that the Internet has fostered, Byron often refers to himself as a working “still-mo-tographer.”  He strives to create a definitive multi-media experience for his clients whether acting as photographer or director.

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